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Originally Posted by cadaveca
so how do i extract th bios from thwe card and modify it? i know how to flash to the card, but not how to retrieve....if i am right instead of having a 324 gpu/189 mem card i'lk have a 425/250!
so i've modified the bios and all is good..the samsung 250 mhz mem is now running @ 250...with out software like atitool or radlinker....i just don't understand why they use the mem @ 189 stock..why not just set it to 250?
btw ..since i changed the bios so the refresh times where right the mem produces less 4c less( and no i can't overclock higher because of it..the max the mem does is 250...period)... the best that i can make of that is because the refresh rate was lower for the higher frequency(from the mem's whaite papers from samsung) the mem was holding the info less(1.25ms) as so it now actually has less current in it in an active state. Sound right?
(mod involved changing tras to 4.25ms from 5.5ms and i did not write the bios change. the lower refresh rate was what prevented me from taking the mem above 229.5...the max samsung listed was 225 for the old refresh rate so i think the 229.5 was pushing the mem and proly woulda burnt it out shortly)
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