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Originally Posted by cadaveca
lol...if you had been paying attention to earlier posts, i like to debate...i'm not "worked up"..merely arguing a point. when a mobile is $80 more that sometimes is not an option.
my biggest problem is figuring this all out...if the register that enabled mp is now mobile, how is it that this works on older boards? i've got to try flashing to an older bios and see if that has an affect or not. i have 2 post week 0339 and both are "mobiled" different traces...
Not sure about all models, but for the Barton 2500+, the pricing is about $80 for the regular and $90 for the mobile. For the most part, the mobile overclocks a bit better, but if saving a few bucks is paramount, it is not ridiculous to go for the cheaper chip.
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