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Unhappy Need help with BIOS Supervisor Password problem

I bought a ready made desktop system from MultiVision Computers UK.
Three months ago the company went bust -- leaving all warranties in the dust.

Epox 8KTA3+, Athlon A Socket 1.2 GHz 266 FSB, 128 MB RAM, Vision Choice RAID XL System 40 Gig RAID 0, Floppy, CD, DVD/CD. Windows 2000 Pro (all the service packs.)

Six days ago my computer crashed while I was using it. I had done a Norton 2001 whole system virus scan -- which completed (successfully), and I was doing some other thing and I noticed that there was a strange sound coming out from my ATX case. Seemed to be from the area of the HDDs.

My computer then showed a blue screen error: INVALID_DISK_(something).

I attempted a Norton Recovery disk which asked to write a new "Boot Block".
I let it. When it finished, I noticed that the Norton Recovery disk was talking about Win ME.

Now when I boot the machine, it only boots to: Verifying DMI Pool Data ......

Invalid system disk
Replace the disk, and then press any key

When I just press "any key" it says:
Boot from CD : Boot from CD :
Invalid system disk
Replace the disk, and then press any key

I then tried the Win 2000 Pro CD as it was saying "Boot from CD".
Then Win 2000 Pro boot CD software process go as far as reporting an error:
Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed.

I 've never touched the hard disk drives before nor the innards of any computer, ever. And I have never changed their "ribbon" connections. The HDDs are visibly there in the tower casing and their ribbon connectors are there too, attached to the two HDDs.

Now, I contacted Microsoft's tech support. And one of their staff said that he needed the BIOS setup to boot from CD. When I went to change the boot sequence in the Award Software CMOS/BIOS setup, I was unable to change any setting because I need a Supervisor Password which is setup on the BIOS setup as security. He said that without the BIOS boot device setting set as CD, he can't have the Win 2000 Pro CD run to diagnose and provide a solution to the whatever error is affecting my computer system.

Now, I can't get the supervisor password because the company (MultiVison) who supplied me with my computer, are out of business.

Guys, what can I do?
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