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If, when you put the Win 2000 Pro CD in and started the machine you got "Boot from CD", then the BIOS is already set up to boot from the CD.

As the machine was sold as a 'RAID' machine, then you probably have two hard disks connected to a RAID controller onboard the motherboard. This complicates Windows 2000 a little bit, as Windows 2000 doesn't (I believe) come with the drivers for the RAID controller. Just FYI, the RAID controller is probably a Highpoint HPT370A.

The outcome of all this is that Windows 2000 from the CD will need to be told it needs a driver in order to be able to see the hard disk. The driver would be supplied on a floppy disk, but I don't know if Multivision would have provided it. If not, you can download the driver from the EPoX website, and decompress it to a floppy disk.

Now, that doesn't help you with unlocking the BIOS at all. There are a few ways to do this. The way that will always work involves erasing all the settings in the BIOS. This is fairly drastic, and if you don't know what the settings should be, might turn out to be a lot of work to put right.

There are some alternative methods over at Tech TV, but they may or may not work on your system.
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