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You said: " ... The outcome of all this is that Windows 2000 from the CD will need to be told it needs a driver in order to be able to see the hard disk. The driver would be supplied on a floppy disk, but I don't know if Multivision would have provided it. If not, you can download the driver from the EPoX website, and decompress it to a floppy disk."

The driver you mention, is it: HPT 370(A) Host Adapter Device Driver
For Win2000/9x/WINNT ?

And how then do I tell the Windows 2000 from the CD about the driver for the hard disk drive?

And yes, I am getting to the point where zero-ing the BIOS settings seems the most likely path that I will take - though I will check-out the Tech TV alternatives you pointed out. (I hope zero-ing the BIOS by removing its battery power supply does nothing to the CMOS !!)

I 'll just take a look at the Tech TV alternatives.
Let me know your further advices. Thanks.


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