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MTBF= Manufacturer Tested Before Fail..
if you have a 2500+ mobile..check where the voltage markings are. the max for a mobile is 2v...and your mobile has the same startup voltage as max. this is why i asked.
powernow will lower the multiplier and voltage to 5x on standby, theresulting frequency depending on the grade of the chip.
it is not nessecary for a mobile to operate @ a lower voltage than as just need to able to adjust voltage in order to not burn out when the multi is reduced.(you know what i'm talking about if you have done a burn-in..raising the voltage @ stock speeds raises temps). there reason your mobiles love 1.55v...check what the resulting voltage is when u change the VID codes to mobile from equals 1.4... and now u see my prob....
2500+'s have more potential because they are the lowest speed barton available...meaning that they can take a 2800+ or a 3000+ and downgrade it to a 2500+M...and this is what makes me think they are "midgrade" as i say..i think you miss-understood me..i meant mid-level, not mid grade. something has to allow for the chips to have a max of 2.0 instead of the max1.85 for the same chip in desktop variety
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