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What type of sound card do you have?

Do you have an Audigy with the extra breakout box on the front of the machine?

Is your PSU an economy 400w. Bear in mind that the 400w rating is just the power consumption rating. It is the amps available on each of the voltages which is important.

You can check the actual voltages via the PC Health screen in the BIOS or by using a diagnostic tool in windows. Actual voltages will never be identical to the desired value, there is some tolerance. You may want to investigate tweaking your voltages in the BIOS, but great care must be taken. Seek advice before making any adjustments if you are unsure.

Given that you use your PC for audio production, I would highly recommend a top end PSU even if this isn't the cause of your current woes.

Do you have many USB devices which draw power from the PC?

The 5950 will draw a lot of juice.
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