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Originally Posted by Allan
Good overclock, is it stable at that speed`? (like with folding@home or similar)

yes and no to be honest with you. i mean i can run anything so far but every once in a while it will reboot so we all know that makes it unstable. i have been playing with the divider options and instead of running the chip at 5:4 4.12gigs 1.75v i decided to try 1:1 and see how close to 4 gigs i could get just using the cpu's defualt v-core and 3759.4mhz is what i got it up to so far. this is stable so far and i have to only use 1.55v so that makes me feel alot safer with it like this even though i do run the mach1 and temps arent a problem even when i do run it at 4.12 gigs and 1.75v. i figure i dont have to run it so high when just surfin and all so ill just use the higher settings for when i benchmark and lower it back down when im just farting around. ok guys thx for you help and advice...

thx perc,
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