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For those of you who are following up on how I am doing ...

well, I 'm not a "what's inside the casing?" virgin anymore !

CMOS Jumper incorrectly re-placed !

Well how about that for a ****-up !

This was the very first time I have ever truly looked inside a personal computer's casing. And it was for a serious reason.
The company who had supplied me with my ready built EPoX 8KTA3+, 4 USB1, 4 UDMA Highpoint RAID O, Win2K Pro, had gone out
of business when my precious super PC "blue screened" to error: INVALID_DISK_ARRAY.

Well, part of recovering my PC was I've had to learn all I can about "mobo's", "HDD'S", "CMOS is not BIOS", "Jumpers", "Power Supply", "PIO's", and much, much more. And this is the guy who flunked his Computer Science Masters Degree's computer theory and computer architecture sections.

I got to the stage where I realized that I would have to access the "BIOS" and change the "boot from" settings. Nervous as a virgin, I made anxiety-filled progress up to the stage where I realized that I would have to "clear" the supervisor password which had been set and made a secret by
whoever set my PC up at MultiVision (the bust supplier).

I did the thing with the "CMOS Jumper" and then I went to power up my PC. And ... it would not power up. I checked most of my flat's electrics (to make sure they had a "pulse") before I had enough courage to approach my mobo to see what
surprise it had for me.

12 hours later I FOUND IT !!
I had not correctly replaced the CMOS clear jumper after my virgin manouevre.
Just that tiny little thing not correctly re-placed on its mobo pins stopped the whole show.

But afterwards with my senses returning to me, I realized that a motherboard is really one great big, inter-woven electric circuit. And so, of course, if any one (small or large) part of that circuit is not connected -- then the electricity is not going
to flow at all, is it?

Anyways, I got the darning Supervisor Password cleared ! WHOO HOOO !
But, but nobody told me that clearing the CMOS would wipe enough of my BIOS !
In fact, I am curious as to why not all my BIOS was wiped ?

MOBO new guy.
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