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Yes it does.

I've got a related question: I have seen that some of my BIOS settings have changed to the "factory defaults". And I had a nasty little shock, as I had figured that the BIOS would change (somehow) upon jumper-ing the CMOS, I had written down all the BIOS settings which I could see given that I only had "blue-d out" entries to look at and no ability to scroll the screens.

The nasty little shock was: that now that I could access the BIOS as (Supervisor), I went in and took a look around and I found that the setup screens were scrollable in some instances -- such as the Integrated Peripherals screen (CMOS Setup Utility -- Copyright (c) 1984-2000 Award Software: Integrated Peripherals.)

Now I've found that the scrollable screens hold more BIOS settings which I had not seen before. And I don't know whether they are now showing factory defaults or not.
Please recall that I can't go confirm this with the suppliers of my computer -- MultiVision who went out of business in January.

Can you give me some guidance as to what my situation with the previously not known BIOS settings and their likely consequences of having jumper-ed CMOS on them.

And finally what should I do now? Because pretty soon the guy from Microsoft is gonna contact me and ask me if I have managed to access BIOS setup and changed the "boot (device)" to CD-ROM.

I am concerned that the mystery over whether my BIOS has all setup values correct may affect the outcome of when the Microsoft technical support guy (at £75 per hour) will tell me that Win 2000 Pro from its recovery console or from some sort of install, may not work (well?) in an inadequetly configured BIOS.

What to do guys? What to do ?

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