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Aedan, Okay.

Here are the BIOS name and value settings about which I am worried:

(SetUp Screen: Advanced Chipset Features)

PCI Dynamic Bursting Disabled
PCI Master 0 WS Write Enabled
PCI Delay Transaction Enabled
PCI #2 Access #1 Retry Enabled
AGP Master 1 WS Write Disabled
AGP Master 1 WS Read Disabled

--- --- --- ---

[another screen: Integrated Peripherals ]

Onboard Paralled Port 378/IRQ
Onboard Parallel Mode Normal
x ECP Mode Use DMA 3
x Parallel Port EPP Type EPP1.9
Onboard Legacy Audio Enabled
Sound Blaster Disabled
SB I/O Base Address 220H
SB IRQ select IRQ 5
SB DMA Select DMA 1
MPU-401 Disabled
MPU-401 I/O Address 330-333H
Game Port (200-207H) Enabled

I am looking through the other CMOS Setup Utility screens now. And I will post any more "formerly unknown" BIOS settings that I find.

Thanks guys.

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