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Well, I got the 2500, and can boot into windows stable at 2640 (220x12). I use 12 because the board I am using really ups the FSB bandwidth at the 12 multi. I am on air and running at high temps at this. I feel I could hit 3000 with proper cooling, but my board runs hot (I am going to try it in a DFI NFII Ultra Infinity next week, but you cannot really classify it as "air" if you are using a heatsink and three fans to keep it cool and stable. And not to down your math Cadeveca, but 12x240 is 2880Mghz, not 2800 Mghz. I have no problem with any multi's, just some work better. AND, I am very happy with my 2500. Posting at 2640 on air is no slouch, and being stable is a real plus. I could go higher but I don't want a pile of silicon melted or with burn spots because I ran consitantly over 60c, and that is what I get if I post any higher. And with all due respect, posting at 480 FSB is no great feat with 433 memory, open case and four fans including heatsink, if you are going to do all that why not just run water blocks? Put in Corsair memory (in my sig) and get 480, then I will be impressed. My 440 is hot enough for me at 52c idle, and I have only a Vantec Aeroflow blowing on my processor. I back it off for everyday use to around 410x12 to get 2520 and run under 50c full load. The more I use this processor the better it gets.
I must also agree with perc, all AthlonXP-M's run at a 1.45v to get their rated speed (and they also default in bios to 1.55v) you have to reset them to get them to run right. I am glad that so many are having good results with the 2600's. I heard only bad about them, so I got the 2500, and am happy. If I ever get a waterblock and push it I will let everyone know what i get out of it (and upped memory, as that is the limiting factor right now, but my next purchase will be OCZ pc-4000 (DDR 250/500) for my rig, then I will either build or buy a water cooling system (although I am leaning towards build, as pumps are cheap and all I would need to purchase is the water block itself, the tubing and pumps can be bought at any plumbing, marine, or most hardware stores I know of, or even scavenged off of old well pumps [yes, they are quiet and very high volume, then just set up a small car heating unit[radiator, with a fan] and I have a water system). And I wont have to pay 400-500.00 for it. Good luck with the overclocks and I hope you don't burn out your processors before their time, but don't dis the 2500, it can clock as fast as any 2600 out there if done right (no disrespect to the 2600, but I was running a 2600 Athlon XP locked "Barton" and hated that peice of junk, as it would only hit 2300 Mghz, so that left me not wanting to repeat the same mistake of going higher just because of numbers. I went with the preferred processor and found that I like it!!) And my stepping code is, complete, AXMH2500FQQ4C, 2398655B40324, "IQYHA0408RPMW". That is the stepping code for an AthlonXP-M 2500 "Barton" produced week 8, 2004.
Have a good one all, just my .02 worth and just my opinion. I would be interested in hearing the memory used by perc and the cooling system and temps, load and idle. This is just for my interest (I will file it away with all the other useless knowledge I have accumulated....LOL).
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