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How do you know which POST it is? You say it is POST #16. I am interested to know this.

And yes, I agree, I need to disable the on-board sound as I have a sound card.

Why are you asking for the CPU settings? Please explain.

Here they are:
DRAM Timing By SPD Enabled
xDRAM Clock 133MHz
xSDRAM Cycle Length 3
xBank Interleave Disabled
DRAM Page-Mode Enabled
Memory Hole Disabled
PCI Master Pipeline Req Enabled
P2C/C2P Concurrency Enabled
Fast R-W Turn Around Disabled
System BIOS Cacheable Disabled
Video RAM Cacheable Disabled
AGP Aperture Size 64M
AGP Mode 4X
AGP Driving Control Auto
xAGP Driving Value DA
AGP Fast Write Enabled
OnChip USB Enabled
OnChip USB 2 Enabled
USB Keyboard Support Enabled
OnChip Sound Auto
[The rest of the Advanced Chipset Features are as in my previous posting.]

As for Boot settings:
First Boot Device CDROM
Second Boot Device HDD-0
Third Boot Device Floppy
Boot Other Device Enabled

Boot up Floppy Seek Enabled

[Finally, these below are more BIOS values I hadn't seen before. So I don't know if these are custom and default, or whether these are all default values when some or all should be custom. Help!]

From the CMOS Setup Utility - Copyright (C) 1984-2000 Award Software
Advanced BIOS Features (options screen)

Video BIOS Shadow Enabled
C8000-CBFFF Shadow Disabled
CC000-CFFFF Shadow Disabled
D0000-D3FFF Shadow Disabled
D4000-D7FFF Shadow Disabled
D8000-DBFFF Shadow Disabled
DC000-DFFFF Shadow Disabled

And if someone could explain what these BIOS name-value pairs mean, that would be an unexpected bonus.
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