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I've got Dual Boot with RAID 0 of the NF3 250 Pro!!!

Had to chat to NVidia to find out which of the IDE drivers I needed to get to floppy for my F6 option with the 64bit 4.34's as I didn't have the time to do a process of elimination given that the directory was just a little too big for a floppy.

RAID drives in 64bit with 32KB cluster size are quite rock and roll indeed.

I have XP 32bit RAIDED and XP-64bit RAIDED on the standard IDE controller.

Best performance for me is coming through 32bit in terms of 3D though and I do have some pretty nifty 64bit ATi drivers I've been trying.

I hear on the grape-vine that there may be some more NF3 250'ers coming soon.

By the way Dod - make sure that if you have any networking issues you turn the level of the hardware firewall down a bit. Call that Tip 1
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