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Hey Whatever, Screw off. I am leaving the boards because of idiots like you. I have a great setup and a great board. I run a higher overclock than you and more stable on air. You have been posting to every thread I have posted to and told me how much you don't like me. BITE ME! I am outta here. Have your little board where everyone agrees with you. My processor will do 2640 easily on my Abit on air. I have had 5 RMA's on DFI boards, and my 2600 did 2400Mghz solid to 32M, and my 2500-M does 2640 solid to 32M. NOT a processor problem CHIEF!!!! You are an idiot and I am off of AOA for good because of people like you, not Admin.
Later jerk.
Through nature's inflexible grace, I'm learning to live!
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