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from the sounds of thing u are getting power and the system is starting up...ytr something.....let it power up connected to the standard display....leave it for 5 minutes....
then, looking real close, and i mean 1/4 inch from the screen...see if you can see anything...try moving your mouse....
the secondary disply will not enable if you do not select it and the lcd is working...or the system believes it's working.
the dlp inverter is what gives the lcd display it's "light". they are not supposed to last longer than a few years, and have been my most common latop repair. I usually watch the start-up... and when there are symptoms such as yours, i can usually barely make out the windows logon... with the brightness fully adjusted.
dlp inverters are hard to come by for most major oem laptops. they also cannot be bought seperately.
the last one i fixed....the guy had a quote for 1000 american for the repair...400 just to send it away. and then waiting for 6 weeks. no good for my clients who work overseas and only have thier pc's for entertainment(rig workers and such)
15 minutes after he had walked in the door i had the laptop looking like new....including a good cleaning.
cost 250 for the parts..sold in groups of five.
you still ahven't told us what type of laptop it is!
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