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I've had random problems with installing XP on brand new hard drives with NF2 motherboards... I think I've got it figured out...

In each case, the symptom was a random "invalid boot disk" or "NTLDR missing" etc boot message, after a fresh XP install, whether or not "Quick" was used, whether or not Partionmagic was used. Also, XP setup would not use the entire disk for the partition (usually about 2GB short).

I believe the "Auto" setting in the BIOS was detecting the drive as CHS instead of LBA. (Or was it vice versa?)

In the first two cases, I solved the problem by installing Win98, and then installing XP (reformatting as NTFS, Quick or not).

In the last case, I figured out what was going on, and forced the drive to LBA (or was it CHS? ET should tell you the right answer). No problems, and once the drive was formatted/partitioned, then "Auto" worked properly.
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