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Originally Posted by Abner

Got me a 2600-m
14x200@ 1.9v - post but no win
13.5x200@1.9v - win but no prime95
current settings:

Ive been running prime95 for the past 14+ hours and it seems stable. Got a bunch of other programs running too so I think its doing pretty well.

I guess its pretty good, but Im shopping around for a water cooling system.

That is a damn fine overclock @2,700mhz+ semi stable, air cooled. You've got a nice chip. Potential of 3ghz can be done with a subzero waterchilled.

DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B
Mushkin 3200 2-2-2 special 2x512: timings are at 2-3-2-6
(Looking back, I should have opted for higher speed mem)
Swiftech MCX462-V
Thermaltake smart fan 2 ~75cfm (loud as hell =P) and TT duct mod
Aspire Black X-Dreamer 500 Watt PSU

The problem is that your board will likely to limit in total clocks than most other boards. DFI Infinty and Lanparty boards are not able to deliver steady rails in the Vcore voltages. Fluctuation is high and is not designed to handle high volts of 2.0V or higher(in some case, lower than 2v). That is why I am damn surprised of your overclock with that board. Expect another 100~ 150mhz(in some case, 200mhz) boost with an Abit NF7/s board or the like. This is merely in terms of total clocks, not FSBs. It is possible you could get 3100+mhz on an Abit NF7/s with waterchilled setup or some other phase change cooling. It could even go higher.

I would give 1.80V+ a try@ 2.6ghz. Because the board undervolts and fluctuates, you need to give it higher Vcore than what you should need for X mhz of CPU clock. Otherwise you will experience instabilities. 1.8V is an example. You will have to go thorough trials and errors yourself to find out what Volts with the same cooling your CPU likes. Every CPUs are different.

Im trying to get 2.6 outta of this thing but Im having trouble determining voltage vs. temp. A couple questions Im having a tough time finding answers to is the voltage requirements of different multi's.
Do higher multi's need higher voltage if I decrease the fsb to achieve the same clock? and/or Do higher fsb with lower multi's still require higher voltage?
The need for Vcore depends on the total system clock, as long as the memory is able to handle the FSBs well. You will need higher Vcore with higher multi and you still need higher Vcore with higher FSBs if the total system clock is the similar.

oh, and why does a higher multi "feel" faster? or is just my imagination?

Higher FSBs will be faster.

Also if someone could point me in the way of a good ram overclocking guide..hopefully...maybe I think my ram is what was stopping me from hitting a higher fsb during my experiments.

This is one of the most important part of the post.

Your Two 512mb sticks are probably "Double- Sided". Most I've seen are that way. Single sided sticks overclock much better. Yours will not be able to go much higher than 200FSB. 200FSB will probably the best shot right now. You can run much higher FSBs by disabling the CPC (Command Per Clock) in the memory department in the newer version of BIOS, but you will have huge performance hit. I'm assuming you are on 11-29 BIOS, which is the default one from factory. That BIOS already comes CPC enabled. That is why you're having trouble overclocking FSBs. If you had single sided ram, you would have much better chance overclock far past 200FSBs.
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