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I'm sorry to get here so late in the disturbance. No one reported this thread to the Moderator!

I don't know what you smoking Whatever, but it isn't doing you any good! Your post was entirely out of line and in violation of our forum rules and YOU KNOW THIS!! I can scarcely believe this is the whatever I have come to regard with respect and affection.

JMa2969, I realize you were provoked, I apologize. However we do have rules that would have prevented this unpleasantness - had you followed them...

Should you reconsider, this thread will be forgotten. However in the future please report objectionable posts to the moderator by clicking the RED triangle top right of each post.

BTW either one of you might be ban for your posts here in this thread
I'm going to chalk this up to a bad day all around, I'm disappointed, but we all have bad days...sigh.
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they need not live in darkness...
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