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Abner, sounds good... wish you good luck with your next goal of 2.7ghz stable. Sure indeed.. having a nice chip definitely helps... I never had luck with getting good oc'ing chips most of the time.. except my old xp1700 tbred few years ago. I just gotta look more before I hit that online basket lol.

and to Daniel,

JMa2969 finally "blew me off". I kept patient and patient and tried to keep quiet when he spread the garbage(oh yes... garbage, most definitely) about dissing DFI NF2 boards all over the threads(even in the topics that have nothing to do with the DFI nor any boards) constantly. Time frame of approx. a "month". That's.... 4 weeks honey. I can't keep quiet for a month and so on. There is a thing called "blow up". No one has blow ups beside me? oh my gosh...

You don't know what has been happening here exactly. If you only look at the aggressive actions I have made here toward JMa2969 and ignoring all other things, that would be unfair. That would certainly be not right.

Oh btw, you still haven't put up my DFI NF2 board article in the site. You have never acknowledged me that it is done. It's been what.... 3 months? well maybe not 3 months but... 2.5 months?? that's long enough. I shouldn't have done the article for ya if I knew what was going to happen.

Ban me if you want. I don't have the same feelings toward the forum like I used to a long time ago. I don't need to have affection by you... I have some really good people I look up to in "real life", far.... far...... far....... beyond. Man... talk about quality, amen.....

just to let you know, this message is not to give excuse so I don't get banned.. I said it because it is true. I won't be happy even if you don't ban me in this forum. See the drift?? it doesn't matter i get banned or not. I feel the need to explain what has happened and how i felt...
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