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power drop vs power outage? (also need new router)

recently i spoke to a guy who knows a ton about electricity and telecommunications. i couldn't follow some of the stuff he was saying but i think he said something like "a power drop is worse than a power outage" can someone please translate what that means? i think a power outage is when the power goes out. but what's a power drop?

also, i need a new router. i had a linksys befsr41 or something like that. but the router stopped working after a power glitch (above topic). i need a new router, for a small office. the guy, aforementioned, told me that netgear makes a good router but i forgot to ask him about the specifics. he said something like "each port on the router has memory that boosts the speed." can anyone elaborate on that?

or should i get an apc backup product to cover the whole office and get the same linksys router?

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