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of course a surge is BAD...but what I am trying to say is don't go buy a cheap power bar and plug your router or modem into it and expect things to be ok. drops or surges equate to the same thing...a large change in the size of the wavelength of the electrons..that although most circuits can adapt to the change, they can only do it SO FAST.
a cheaper power bar just has a fuse in-line and all the devices are connected to the same power source ON THE SAME LINE. On a more expensive power bar, they will all be on the same power source BUT ON INDIVIDUAL LINES, allowing for capacitors to be put in place that ensure the same levels of power, both up AND down.
Up is bad because things fry.
down is usually the precursor to a surge...and constant LOWER levels will degrade signal strength. the change from low power tyo normal power is still a surge...just not as high a surge..
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