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Lian li

I have always had this case laying around my house. It was my friends first pc, and the case had been butchard. The windows were rough in's with 1/4 clear plexi, the front fan mounts were gone, the case had randoms holes through out it.

And sadly, I did most of it. Of couse it wasent my case, so I just did it as fast as possible back then.

I finally got the motivation and ideas to make this case better.

The front fan mounts were re made in aluminum sheet-
Plexiglass I/O sheilds replaced the missing stock ones.
Plexiglass covered the rear grating to hide where a power outlet for watercooling was added in the past.
Plexiglass vertical mounts were made for the raditor, also acting as shrouds.
The pump was mounted below the 5 1/4 bays, where the former hacked 3.5 rack sat.
New coolermaster blue led fans and flame grills are added all around.
An enermax temp and fan controller was used for the front and rear fans.
The front bay covers, now long gone, were made from 1/8th inch plexi.
The cdrom is just for placment-
Ignore the mess and fingerprints- this is fresh out of the shop.

Now the windows are the interesting part. I took them out, and being the poor bastard I am, I wanted to do blue glass, but without spending the $20 on it from TAP. So I re painted the clear plexi with Glass Spray paint from freddy for $5. Now I also did something else, but its a secret to give it a bubled look.
Since the back side was only painted, then treated- the windows have a depth to them- and the under effect is not seen, unless close up.

This is far from done too.
Update later.

I hate it but I probably have to sell this now....
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