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The filter is available at most auto parts stores. Got mine at AutoZone. It's a "4 inch replacement filter for 1 and 2 Bbl. Carbs." $6. I cut a circle from a sheet of thin aluminum 3.75" in dia. to cover the outward facing part of the filter and covered it with carbon fiber vinyl to match the front of my case, then sandwiched the filter and circle between a fanguard and the fan/window. There is an O-ring between the fan and window to isolate vibration.

Though I have no way to measure flow, It SEEMS to flow as well or better than with just the fanguard.

I have to be out of town for a week or so, but when I get back I'd be happy to do a small "how-to" on it. I took some pix along the way thinking someone might be interested.

How should we proceed? I'll check back when I get home.

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