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Originally Posted by Marcus Bertolli
Many of the earlier boards for AMD 64 (754 pin) only allowed for a 1.55 vcore.

Its all u need to achieve a decent oc anyways, as the ondie memory controller can't handle extreme vcore well. some guys have fried their AMD 64's with 1.7 vcore.

I've never had to apply more then a 1.55 vcore as I don't bother running high HTT & lower mem frequencies (with a divider in place, asynchronous) as it lowers performance.

I'd rather run 228-230 fsb at 1:1 with 1.55 vcore and not stress out the imbedded memory controller.
On NF3 250 platform noticeable gains can be made by increasing LDT and decreasing memory ratio - a recorded fact in our R&D.
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