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Originally Posted by EPoX Tech
The A64 memory controller is more intelligent than all of us - it will look at the capability of your actual memory and decide a suitable overall clock speed to memory divider whether it be /11 or 12 or whatever - the HTT and max memory clocks are only a reference for the decision made at POST by the A64 itself. You make your BIOS decision and live with the A64 decision itself. Remarkable to say the least.
So we're saying that the A64 is going to use an integral divider for the memory speed, no matter what, and that there are no asynchronous memory accesses? At least, not in the 3:2, 5:4, etc sense?

Originally Posted by EPoX Tech
To Candymancan - yes voltage will increase along side temps at 1.7 and thus 1.8 under load - that's the spec not the board - for more RPM from cooler suggest upgrading the cooler itself as the board will only ever supply c. .38A of current along 12V all day long as called for my the ATX spec for Fan headers.
So what's your personal opinion of thermally controlled fans?

Having the motherboard control the fan speed is a nifty idea, but I think it's asking for trouble. And I've always felt that you should be able to control both the "level" and "gain" of the voltage/temperature relation - haven't seen that in a BIOS yet. Every implementation I've seen falls into the "gimmick" catgory. Which includes most of the heatsinks with the thermistor sticking out of the side, rather than embedded in the metal.

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