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just fyi, 3dmark is what it says in its name a 3d card benchmark, 2003 was made to issolate video card performance from the rest of the system. It was also made for dx9 spec not specificialy ati hardware, it just happens that ati have followed the directx guidelines closer than the fx series from nvidia has. Notice with the 6800 that nvidia are far more competitive with there 9.0c hardware.

PC mark on the otherhand does indeed test an entire system and the graphics card pays a small part of the overall score. It's main focus is on cpu / ram bandwidth, as well as its multitasking ability which is why HT P4's excel in pc mark 04.

To compare scores on any futurmark program you can compare on a free registration, i've got a link to mine around here somewhere havent done anything for donkeys though lack of funds :-(


Edit 3dmark 03, -
3dmark 01, -
PC Mark 04, -
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