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It doesn't necessarilly mean they couldn't sell it as an XT. It all depends on yields.

It's kinda the same deal that we've got with chips like the AthlonXP 2600+ Mobile. Every overclocker on earth knows that if you get the IQYHA steppings of one of these chips, they'll do 2.5 GHz or so just by asking them too, and most of them will do quite a bit more than that. So why is AMD selling a chip that will easilly run at 3200+ speeds (and hence bring $150 or so) for $95 (actually, that's what NewEgg gets, AMD gets less, but it's the same idea). Yeilds. Their process is mature enough that they can make a large portion of their chips hit the speed of their high end parts. Problem is, there's only so many people will to pay the premium for that top-of-the-line chip. If all you are selling is Cadillacs, somebody will come along and make a fortune selling Chevys, because not everyone wants or needs a cadillac. Now, the cadillac costs you the same to make as the Chevy, and comes off the same production line, so what do you do? Take some of the Cadillacs, strip 'em down a little bit (take out the leather seats and put in vinyl for example) and sell 'em as Chevys. You don't sell as many Cadillacs, but you still make money, and you keep somebody else from taking all the business for Chevys.

Make sense now?
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