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oh....well giz...i never said i doubt they do it... i just don't understand. From my personal perspective, it makes more sense to only offer one card nd to be the company that has "THE card". And, quite frankly, i would have bought an XT just to get the vivo, had they only offered the XT.
So, of course, i did some "playing" last night.
sucked out hte bios and checked it against the version that asus has on thier site for download. seems that the mem is the same....
bios must be optimizing the card for something or another...i editted the XT bios to have the same default clock speeds as the card did as pro, as i could not get the gpu to do XT speeds. the meme sat @ 390 all night long....well, for 7 hours.
so... i have flashed the XT bios to the card, and lo and behold..@ default pro speed, the XT scores 5938 in 3dmark03. was 5711 with the pro bios @ the same speeds.
also did some digging and found that the gpu on the XT version generally runs @ 1.77- 1.83v, whilst mine runs @ 1.72. And no, changing the bios did not make a difference. they must actually solder on a higher resistor for the IC controlling the voltage. I've got to pull the heatsink off again and see if i can solder on a trimmer and rectify that....I'm pretty sure now that this card IS an XT, just running on lower voltage.
but then again, most of the info i got comes from engineering samples, and we all know that they out-perform retail versions. so they might have upped the voltage for that sample. also, i got the white papers for the mem...they have changed alot since the first run of these hynix chips came out. i'm kinda excited by the mem chips, as if they run @ 400mhz @ CAS 2, i'm gonna be able to take them way way higher.
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