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Couple of simple questions

Hey guys! I'm sure you can answer my questions simply and without problems. I just acquired a compuer (this is the first one of my own, others have been family computers) so I can finally screw around with settings. The computer is pretty nicely loaded with everything except the graphics card. The stock card is only a Radeon 9200. I'm currently overclocking it to play the Doom III alpha fairly smoothly until I can upgrade to a 9800 Pro.
Anyway, will overclocking too much damage the card? How much is too much? Currently the card is overclocked from a 200 core and 165 memory to a 220 core and 185 memory. Does that sound like it will work alright? (It seems to make the Doom III alpha run A LOT smoother.) What in the world is artifacting? I have seen this mentioned before but have had no explanation. If this is happening to my card, will I know fairly obviously that this is happening? Lastly, I'm thinking about the MSI Radeon 9800 Pro which comes very highly recommended off of newegg and I was told can easily be overclocked to a 9800XT. Does anybody have experience with this card that they can share, good or bad? Thank you very much for your time and I hope to be a contributing member of this forum in no time.
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