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i have a 9800pro right now that i bought from newegg and it has worked wonders for me. After hours of testing incraments of overclocking I finally got to my best performance of 452 core and 770 mem. I also run this at 1.8v or i will get artifacts. I noticed if you don't max out the mem on the 9800pro you can really get the core alot higher. Now i have added OCZ heatsinks on my mem chips and artic silver5 on the stock hsf(which sucks). I am going to the store today and will problly buy a waterchill kit and will be able to maybe push it to 500 core. It all depends on how well cooled you can keep the core and memory and it will work. Also some boards simply overclock better than others of the same exact kind, its all up to you to find the limit for your board and then back it off a little to be safe.
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