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Ive been attempting to go watercooled for about a month now.

As im making everything (but the pump) myself its been fairly slow going.

ive probably been a bit too ambitious with my design but it should be good once its done.

As my 8KHA+ went up in smoke ive got all holiday free untill the RMA arrives so ive got some time to get some work done.

Im making a block similar in design to the maze 2-2 but with two waterchannels to improve water flow and more bolts holding the cold plate (12 in all) for when I go for a TEC.
Im planning on TEC cooling but I thought id better walk a little before I start running. My system will all be 1/2" and ive designed everything for high flow rates.

Ive managed to squeese 3.5M or copper tube (radiator) a 1 litre perspex reservoire and a eheim 1250 into my full tower case, although I may make a seperate umit to house a much larger radiator with the resevoire, pump and peltier PSU's im the future.

one advantage of building everything yourself is that it cuts costs allot. I think the entire system will cost about £100, although with the stuff I will have left over I could probably build another system for half that.
No longer Epox Tech.

Best of luck in the future all my friends.
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