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Help with a 9800 pro upgrade

Hello all! I need some info on how to remove the heatsink from my 128 ram, 256 bit card. On my old 9200, there are 2 pins, that when pushed in, have an arrow shapped peice of plastic, that you squeeze, and they pop out. The heatsink was still suck on! How is the 9200 sink staying on?

I ask this because I was just testing on my old card before I try to mod my new 9800. My Sapphire 9800 has 2 black pins on springs that appear to hold the sink on. When I press on the pins, nothing moves! I have the VGA silencer comming in this week, and need better cooling. Any ideas?

Oh yeah, I am not afraid to just cut off the plastic tabs to free the stock heatsink, I just do not need a new paper weight right now!

Thanks for any and all info!

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