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Originally Posted by BackBreaker
he wrote this

"You will not need any extra power just becasue its overclocked, honestly the card was underclocked, and I set it a the normal pro speeds. This is the deal, card manufactures sell the same card to save money, they will disable feautures on one card( make it a non pro ),and enable on the others. This is the deal here, the card is identicle to a pro card, just some features were disabled in the non-pro bios. I installed the pro bios, and now its running up to speed like a pro. The card will come with the power cable, you will see, its easy to set up. The 8 pipelines are enabled."

what do you think? Is he right?

He is partially right.

Some manufacturers do indeed do that when yeilds are good and they are making more top end GPU's than they can sell. But sometime some chips come off the assembly line and have a flaw in one pixel pipeline or simplely cannot run stable at Pro speeds. These chips often get the offending pipline disabled as well as 3 others with it, then get a reduction in speed and are ussually pared with cheaper memory.

This happens with CPUs also.

weather or not his card is acttually what he says it is I can't tell you. I can only tell you that "yes it is possible that his card is what he says it is."
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