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You guys have really done it now. I'm trying to see just how far I can push my processor before it maxes out. I should have figured that I would do this eventually, but not quite so soon. I'm doing this in conjunction with 3dmark03. I now see what you're talking about with the artifacting. I got a lot of it when I first tried to push it (and I pushed it waaay to far) but now I've got only a few and I believe it's getting to the point where I can run the card dependably at this speed. I'll update when the final results come in. It's actually looking like the highest speed I can push it will be fairly close to the speed which I initially picked out when I first visited these forums.

Edit: Whoops! I pushed it so hard that it restarted the whole dang computer. I think I'll give it a rest tonight seeing as though it's already 1:15. Good night forums!

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