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Originally Posted by Time to Paws
The first thing to know is, yes you to can fold using Linux! There are two ways that I know to fold, the first being to run the native Linux client that can be found here:
You, of course want the Linux (x86)Console. The second way to Fold is to run it under a program called wine. Wine ("Wine is not an emulator") allows you to run some windows programs in a Linux enviroment. More information on running Wine can be found here: although this is a general site and not Folding specific. I do not run Wine so I will leave this method to someone that does.

The client, when downloaded should have the name: FAH4Console-Linux.exe (why they would put an exe at the end I don't know, as Linux doesn't use file endings to determine what the file is/does. Using, in my case, Konqueror, check and make sure the file is listed as an executable. If not then go into advance permissions and add Exec, so that it will run.
Okay, I'm with you up to there. When I click the executable I get a message coming up saying what do I want to open the program with. When I right click the program itself it says it IS an executable.

Unfortunately fool proof didn't make allowances for me
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