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As Staz points out, the white connector is a DVI-I connector. There's actually two forms of DVI connector, DVI-I and DVI-D. The DVI-I connection carries both digital and analog signals, which is why you can use a cheap adapter to convert from DVI-I to VGA - the VGA signal's already present! The DVI-D connector JUST carries digital information, and if you want to convert it to VGA, requires a box costing $$ to do so.

The DVI-I to VGA adapters that you get with graphics cards do nothing more than change the physical connector. There's no electronics inside, so the quality is the same as plugging the screen/monitor directly into the VGA port.

If your monitor is capable of handling digital input (with DVI), then this will give the best picture quality. Unfortunately, most LCDs don't come with a DVI port, as it's seen as an 'extra'.
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