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I'm thinking about getting a PC with a DVD-ROM drive. Will it give me 5.1-channel Dolby Digital?

That depends on the computer's configuration and its DVD/audio card, so check the specifications carefully to be sure you get the audio capability you want.

Most PCs can be connected to external playback equipment ranging from amplified stereo speakers to a full 5.1-channel playback system. The latter include not only full home theater systems, but compact, multichannel PC speaker systems incorporating amplifiers and Dolby Digital and/or Dolby Surround Pro Logic decoding. PCs bundled with stereo amplifiers and speakers may have a built-in two-channel Dolby Digital decoder for the DVD-ROM player that will downmix 5.1-channel soundtracks.

Audio outputs possible on PCs include analog power amplifier outputs, line level outputs for external amplifiers, headphone jacks, and RF carriers. They may also provide conventional PCM digital audio outputs, and/or outputs that provide the undecoded Dolby Digital data stream via S/PDIF (IEC 1937), USB, IEEE 1394, LAN, wireless link, or other format connections.

and i have to correct my last post... they DO say ac-3 is dolby digital....however, they also call dolby pro-logic receivers dolby digital recievers, so which is which is kinda iffy
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