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A typical application of the algorithm is shown in Figure 1.1. In this example, a 5.1 channelaudio program is converted from a PCM representation requiring more than 5 Mbps (6 channels× 48 kHz × 18 bits = 5.184 Mbps) into a 384 kbps serial bit stream by the AC-3 encoder.Satellite transmission equipment converts this bit stream to an RF transmission which is directedto a satellite transponder. The amount of bandwidth and power required by the transmission has been reduced by more than a factor of 13 by the AC-3 digital compression. The signal received from the satellite is demodulated back into the 384 kbps serial bit stream, and decoded by theAC-3 decoder. The result is the original 5.1 channel audio program.
excerpt from
ATSC Standard:
Digital Audio Compression (AC-3), Revision A

this talks about encoding 5.1 programs of any variety into ac-3 for transmission via sattelite or airwaves. this is what i base my opinions on.
if you like i can attach the pdf again.
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