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oh, and stigweed..i think you may want to enable 6 channel and then spdif? maybe?
on a final note to confused....
things changed in 2001 when, they decided 100% that the future of broadcast media was going to change. it is law now that all cable providers have to be providing thier signal in hdtv, and by 2012 the current analogue frequencies will be made available for public broadcasting. This is what has brought the major change, as the atsc has decided that all audio will be sent via ac-3. this means that DTS was cut out of the slice. But because the DTS foramt carried more information than the dolby digital signal, they made it nessecary for ac-3 to carry a variety of codecs. if they hadn't, there would be another microsoft case about hostile takeovers and such, becasue believe me, the world of surround is not for pansies. this why i asked you earlier to read everything at the site before you commented. it seems that you did not take my advice.

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