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Originally Posted by cadaveca
you did not read what i said...
read all the articles some research on that site
i don't know how you get that ac-3 is dolby dolby surround is sent via ac-3 as well. Dude...keep reading!
besides, how does this affect how stigweed gets his sound to his dreamsystem? It doesn't!
if ya want to argue with me about DD, then start a thread on that so we aren't wasting other peoples time.
why should i read it?? you're the one making the argument.. you're supposed to present the facts not expect me to find them. nor give me a vague response in which i have to go on a freakin treasurehunt to find information that, for all i know, doesn't exist.

what i told you to look at in my previous post (which you seem to be unable to click or read) says, and i quote:
"Do all Dolby Digital programs provide 5.1 channels?
No, Dolby Digital soundtracks can provide anything from mono to full 5.1-channel surround sound. DVD- Video discs of movies can even carry multiple versions of the soundtrack that differ in the number of channels. A disc might contain a 5.1-channel sound mix with the dialogue in one language, a Dolby Surround encoded two-channel mix in another language, and a mono track with the directors' comments or other supplementary information. The default soundtrack will vary from disc to disc, so always check the DVD disc's language menu for the choices offered."

if you got complaints on how they use their trademark.. then bitch to them. in the end, you're treating ac3 as if it has nothing to do with dolby digital when it has everything to do with it. ac3 was designed for dolby digital.

from 11:
"As with Dolby Digital program material, "Dolby Digital" on a component such as a DVD player indicates that it incorporates Dolby Digital decoding, but not the number of channels."
that dolby digital decoding that they speak of.. is ac3.

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