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Originally Posted by cadaveca
actually ac-3 CAN be DTS....its just a matter of converting the PCM signal to ac-3, and then having the dts decoder handle the decoded pcm signal. this was even built into ac-3. when the packet header of a ac-3 packe is sent, on of the strings signifies which codec it was mixed in....stereo,dolby surround,dolby digital, other, and reserved. the label of other can be programmed to me dts. All of this changed in 2001.
ac3 signals can be dts just the same as water can be used in place of gasoline.. so why don't you go out to your car and put some water in your gas tank?
you know what the outcome will be.

you understand that ac3 doesn't reconstruct the signal completely, right? the ac3 coder determines which information is unnecessary and removes it. when you put it through the decoder, it just gives you everything that it didn't take away. if you put a dts signal through the ac3 input.. the result isn't dts. the ac3 coder would remove a great deal of information from the signal.. more then likely, the information that the dts decoder recognizes as "dts" would be gone.

no, i read one article that you told me to read that supposedly contained the proof that you argued.

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