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Originally Posted by cadaveca
i did present the facts in the first pdf...
i ENCODE DTS..I am one a few people in northamerica with the setup to do so. I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.
the first pdf explains exaclty how the ac-3 standard works, and what you need to do to make YOUR SOUND compatible with ac-3. i did back up my statements, you just didn't read it all.
the first pdf you gave had nothing to do with that argument.. the first pdf you gave was what you told me to read after you made the assertion that ac3 was based off an algorithm by sony.

so what? you encode dts.. hooray for you. i could go out and buy the equipment to do so too if i so pleased.. doesn't mean that i understand what's going on.

the first pdf explains exactly how ac3 works.. it says how it removes the information and such.. but question, how exactly would it remove information that's truly inaudible to the human ear when what it's getting is an encoded signal?
since you have the setup to do so.. plug in the dts signal to an analog input on your preamp.. what do you hear? noise.. and that's precisely what the ac3 codec will be working with.
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