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That is too bad. It is a shame that these CPU's aren't more readily available.

I was recently shoppng for a K6-2+ 550 to upgrade my laptop. I was outbid at $55.00.

I then tried to buy one from a online store that I found on Pricewatch. They sent me a dead one for $40.00, gave me the runaround on an RMA; then had me send it back, only to ignore my emails and phone calls. Now they've apparently gone out of business. Goodbye $40.00.

These CPU's are really just as obsolete as the standard K6-2, but the standard K6-2 were produced in massive numbers, so they are a dime a dozen on Ebay. K6-3's and the K6-2+ and K6-3+ were never readily available, and their rarity has driven their prices up beyond what they are truly worth. They do boost the performance of Socket 7 systems, but they don't work magic.

As for the guy who paid $170.00 for the K6-3+ 550, I guess he must be some sort of loony collector.
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