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FAH Installer

i want to make an install program for fah that will install the console client, a config file and a registry entry to make the console run as a service as well as have the "-advmethods" flag. the service install does not work with this new console verion(it does not start the folding core after a restart)
now, this will be using the new fah5.00 console client.

i have isolated the regirty entry which sets this new client as a service. i am trying to make one of those "registry additions" files that when you doubleclick them, they add their contents to the regitry.
now, the registry key that sets FAH as a service is of the type REG_EXPAND_SZ
i need to know what to enter into the "regchange" file so that this key will be modified to include the "-advmethods" flag.

any help would be greatly appreciated
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