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Post FAH 5 Oneclick/Service Installer

Well, I finally found a decent installer program.

This version of the oneclick installer DOES NOT use the srvany.exe file found with the version. One less program running in the background .

All instructions are inside the zip file. EM (Electron Microscope) works with this installer, feel free to use it.
Tested only with Windows XP Home/Pro, and WIN2k Pro.

EDIT: Also available now is an installer for HT-enabled setups or for non-HT dually setups, hence the "2x" in the file name.

EDIT2: Updated with disclaimer concerning this

EDIT3: An installer for dually, HT-enabled setups. (using four consoles) is now available.

EDIT4: An installer for Single CPUs that will not recieve the "big packets" is now available, thus FAH will only take up about 20mb of ram, instead of 150mb, hence the "(nobig)" in the file name.

Here they are:
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