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N-Force4 to come in 4's?

Word is....

There will be four different versions of the N-Force4 chipset....

look for a standard chipset for baseline boards, simply bringing in PCI-E compatibility to the N-Force3 250, without the gigabit lan.

Second will feature the gigabit lan as well as ?SATA-II? (3gb/s possibly), and new version of soundstorm audio.

Third version is aimed at gamers, offering 32-lane PCI-E connectivity, offering SLi for graphics cards (1 PCI-E 16x slot, 1 PCI-E 8x slot), 1 3x PCI-E for LAN connectivity or extra HDD controllers, and 5 1x PCI-E for most other add-on cards.

The fourth should offer Opteron/multi-cpu connectivity with up to 8 cpu's, and HYPERTRANSPORT for PCI-E.

It seems as though Nvidia is going to stomp on VIA once again, even though I only got to see some samples. VIA's PCI-E boards have been available for a while, but it seems Nvidia will meet thier end of september deadline for the release. I first got to see the PCI-E with SLi @ Fragapolooza, and was amazed at the framerates, as well as just how tricky it is to pull this SLi off .

You all might want to wait a few weeks before you buy any new AMD64 equipment....


Socket 940 not dead?

AMD64 2mb & 4mb cache versions? Or just new Opterons?
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