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Originally Posted by cadaveca
the soundstorm audio should offer 7.1 sound ,as most other codecs are going that route, but i'm noy sure that the quality is the same.
I'm not sure how the cache comes into this, as it's totally integrated on the die, and needs no external connections. Moving the Opteron from 940 to 939 would pretty much kill AMD's server line off, given that it's only just building up at this point in time. With people like Sun and IBM selling Opteron systems, that wouldn't make much sense!

The FX line could happily sit on socket 939, which would segment the server and desktop chips quite nicely. That /would/ make some sense however, especially as the use of registered RAM in desktop systems is a drawback in terms of performance.

In terms of Soundstorm, I'm not quite sure what you mean by the quality? nVidia's APU has no CODEC itself and uses AC97. Hence, even Soundstorm certified products can vary in their quality, due to the CODEC implementation differences. I would hope that nVidia keep their DICE implementation in the APU, otherwise there's not a lot of difference between a straight AC97 system and an nVidia APU implemented system
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