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Originally Posted by Áedán
I'm not sure how the cache comes into this, as it's totally integrated on the die, and needs no external connections. Moving the Opteron from 940 to 939 would pretty much kill AMD's server line off, given that it's only just building up at this point in time. With people like Sun and IBM selling Opteron systems, that wouldn't make much sense!
I was talking about the standard desktop line, not opterons. the extra pin for for communication between the on-die mem and the DDRII on the mobo...just how it was explained to me. You've got to understand I am not the engineer, I'm just passing along info that i got.

Originally Posted by Áedán
The FX line could happily sit on socket 939, which would segment the server and desktop chips quite nicely. That /would/ make some sense however, especially as the use of registered RAM in desktop systems is a drawback in terms of performance.
And this is what i think was the reason, but i did not have this explained to me.
i was told there will be no more 940 desktops...only opterons, and in my last post, this is what i had meant to say, but my words got jumbled i guess.

Originally Posted by Áedán
In terms of Soundstorm, I'm not quite sure what you mean by the quality? nVidia's APU has no CODEC itself and uses AC97. Hence, even Soundstorm certified products can vary in their quality, due to the CODEC implementation differences. I would hope that nVidia keep their DICE implementation in the APU, otherwise there's not a lot of difference between a straight AC97 system and an nVidia APU implemented system
I have gotten 2 different versions of info on this one....
it seems as though no server needs 7.1 audio. At least not in the majority of situations. this is what may have led to the fall of soundstorm in the first place. i beleive, and i could be wrong, that it is because of the lack of a southbridge in the n-Force3 that led to there being no soundstorm, but i am not up to speed on n-force3. it never appealed to me without pci-e. As the n-force4 will have a southbridge, it should be contained there, as in the mcp-t.
however, there is still at least one chipset i have seen that DOES NOT have a where do they have the audio? on a seperate chip.
eventhough in soundstorm there is no PHYSICAL codec, is there not a software one?
the only great thing about soundstorm was that it was/is THE BEST onboard solution, sometimes rivaling the SB audigy2...would be nice to not have to install another card again....
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