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Sorry, I didn't mean for you to take offence at something I posted!

Dropping Socket 940 for desktops makes sense, we're definately in agreement there! The impression I had for the APU was that it was not a significant amount of silicon, so I'm not sure the reason it was not included on nForce3. Certainly when nForce3 was launched, it wasn't really a server product! With only a single 32bit PCI bus, it really was stuck in the desktop/low end server market.

The benefit of the AMD64 platform is that the chipset no longer needs 100+ lines running across to the main memory, and no memory controller. That's a significant saving in terms of pins and silicon. That should have meant there were enough pins to implement an AC97 link, but nVidia chose not to for some reason.

Remember that CODEC stands for COder/DECoder. The APU itself is not a CODEC, but an audio controller. There is a driver for the APU, but no software CODEC for it. It's simply not needed!

In terms of the quality of the APU, remember the output was via standard AC97. The APU itself took care of the AC97 link, so there was no software necessary to manage the AC97 link. On the other hand the CODEC converting from digital to audio was typically the same as a standard AC97 onboard. I suspect that nVidia applied pressure to motherboard manufacturers to ensure that they didn't scrimp quite as much as they might have otherwise.

Intel have also raised the bar a bit with their HD audio solution. It will be interesting to see what nVidia respond with!
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